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Lottery and Applications are now open!

Application and Lottery Process

Applications available online for 2018-2019 11/1/2017 
Letters of Intent for Returning Students Sent home 12/1/2017
Letters of Intent to be returned by 1/25/2018
Open House Thursday 9:00-10:30 am  2/14/2018
Open House Thursday 9:00-10:30 am  3/14/2018
Applications end for the lottery   3/21/2018
Enrollment Lottery for 2018-2019 at 10:00 am 3/23/2018
Lottery winners notified via email 3/26/2018
Hard copy results posted by 11:00 am 3/29/2018
Lottery Results posted on website by 4/06/2018
Enrollment Deadline For Lottery Winners 4/25/2018 

If the number of applications exceeds the amount of openings in any grade level then the school will hold a lottery. Students already enrolled in the charter school are not required to re-enroll each year. Names or numbers will be randomly selected either by drawing or computer generated. When all slots have been filled, the charter school should continue the process until every name has been drawn. This process will determine the order of the waiting list. Multiple birth siblings will enter the lottery as one name or number. If that name or number is selected, then all of the multiple birth siblings shall be admitted. If an application comes to the school after the lottery process, the student is added to the bottom of the current waitlist. Preference status entitles an applicant to be offered an available seat ahead of applicants without a preference status. Enrollment priority will be given to the following populations in the order listed: 
• Children of employees and Board members will be given preference. By law, these students can amount to no more than 15% of the school’s total enrollment. 
• Sibling preference will be granted to the siblings of currently enrolled students who were admitted in a previous school year. By law, a sibling also includes half-siblings, stepsiblings, and children residing in a family foster home. 
• If a lottery is needed and a student from the waitlist is then offered admission, their siblings are granted priority to the extent that space is available